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Focused Leadership (programme now open)

A modular retreat for people who want space to think and put the important above the urgent.

This retreat will take place in the stunning setting of Lambay Island.  The word ‘retreat’ reflects the fact that leadership development is as much about ‘inner work’ as outer work and Lambay Island is the perfect environment to facilitate this journey of discovery.

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Recommended Reading: Trump and Love

We highly recommend reading the lastest blog post by Karen Blakeley which can be accessed on her Responsible Leadership blog.  It is titled Trump and Love and it explores last week's election results through the prism of responsible leadership and love.  It's a fantastic read so here is the link.

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Nurse Leadership Programme

Everyone here at Grace Consulting was delighted to hear that the Leadership Development Coaching Programme for Nurses and Midwives recently developed by Lisa has been accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) for 10 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). The programme has been designed so that it is applicable to nurses at all levels...

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Recommended: Daring Greatly: The Art of Courageous Leadership

Recommended Leadership Reading

We came across this article recently on LinkedIn's publishing platform Pulse and we highly recommend reading it.  It's by Cormac McConnell and is a superbly written piece on Courageous Leadership with truly inspiring examples.  It is titled Daring Greatly - How to learn the art of courageous leadership and the link is below.

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Recommended: Responsible Leadership article

Recommended reading

This month, our recommended read is an article by Grace Consulting’s much respected colleague in the UK, Dr. Karen Blakeley, who is an academic in Winchester and Cambridge Universities.  It is an opinion on responsible leadership within the context of Brexit.  The title of the article is How Did We Get Ourselves into this Mess - A Reflection On Leadership.

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